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  • 2 hr 30 min
  • Class Price
  • Main Studio Princeton, Tx

Service Description

• All our classes are available by reservation if you don't find the class you want on the schedule, or if you would like to schedule it on a different date or time, use this option. • Reserve booking is a two-fold process: Request an appointment for confirmation, then return to book after it is added to the schedule calendar. • You will have access to the adjoining lounge with a table, refrigerator, complimentary water and coffee, dishes, utensils and more. • We offer 2 sizes of charcuterie, available for pre order via email, phone or text. Large for sharing or small for individual. Price varies by available items. • You can make a no-obligation reservation request for as soon as two hours from now, up to 3 months in advance.  • No payment is required until you actually book the class! • Please contact us for friendly information if you have any questions or need help. Text or Voicemail 24/7/365 to Gigi @ 972-369-2085 *HOW TO RESERVE A CLASS: 1. Decide on a painting class from the gallery of classes on the HOME/GALLERY page, or email us a pic of one you would like to have considered. 2. Please choose a date and time that you want for your session from the options offered on the calendar page. 3. Provide your information, the painting title, how many will be in your group and any special requests, or requirements. 4. If the studio is available at that time, we will approve it (usually same or next day) schedule it on the public calendar (see "SCHEDULED" tab). ***YTEXT 972-369-2085 for immediate inquiry or service.*** 5. Once confirmed, return to the HOME page, find your class and book it. 6. Each person in your group will need to book and pay individually, OR let us know if you want to book a group all at one time. Discounts are available for gorups, see the discounts page from the menu. 7. If you have a discount code, coupon code or a gift certificate code, you will enter it at checkout. Please do not hesitate to text, voicemail message, or email us for any questions, concerns, requests or more information. (We generally do not answer calls because of spammers, but will return your call as soon as we get your message!) 972-369-2085

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