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This is what we are about and who we are:

About Twysted Bristles

At Twysted Bristles, we believe that everyone has creative ability! We aim to assist anyone who has a desire to paint, to tap into their hidden talent and guide their personal skills to enable them to enjoy it.

Our acrylic painting classes are offered in our private studio at various pop-up locations. We also offer custom appointments and off-site classes called "Paint at Your Place."

Located just 15 minutes from Princeton or Allen, our studio is on our five-acre farm seated on the cusp of Lake Lavon. We are nestled in a peaceful country setting where you will feel the stress of the city melt away as you explore your expression of art. 

Everything you need to paint is included. You will use a variety of brushes and other tools to achieve eye-catching techniques. Gain confidence as you explore brush strokes on practice paper before you apply them to the canvas.

Even if you have never painted before, if you have a desire to paint we will show you how. In our classes, you will enjoy a rewarding personal creative experience through individual expression, with insightful interaction from the instructor, and explore specialized techniques with personalized training in a fun and relaxed casual atmosphere. The class can be as upbeat or laid back as you like. 

Twysted Bristles' is owned by local artist, Gigi Burgess. You will receive personal instruction directly from her.

Gigi has been an artist since childhood. Her creative ability encompasses both fine art and commercial art and she is a retired graphic artist. She develops all the projects for our classes and is the only instructor.

Inspired by Bob Ross, she has developed techniques to achieve some of his painting styles using acrylics instead of oils. Her classes will teach you the basics of painting to help you develop or improve your skills, and she also guides fun, sip-n-paint classes with more personal, detailed instruction than you might expect elsewhere.

Customer Testimonials

• "This is so much better than those other places! You get more brushes and a test paper to try first."
• "I really liked my class!"
• "Gigi is a patient and helpful teacher."
• "My mom's birthday party was a blast! We will definitely be back!"

•"We came early and enjoyed sitting out on the patio before our class. The goat and donkeys are adorable."
• "This is not like {that other place} it was just our group, and you get more out of the class." 
• "It took way longer than expected but we had a real masterpiece at the end, lol. The sip and paint was fun!"

• "The place is really pretty. They had a fire going and it was really cozy and peaceful sipping wine by the fire.

• It was much easier than I thought! My painting didn't look exactly like the example, but I am really happy with it.

   I hung it in my study and have had many compliments, to my surprise."
• "I tried to paint the flower wine glass and it came out looking pretty cool!"

• "Our office had a  sip and paint group, but I want to go over there for instructional classes soon."
• "A fun and relaxing place! I will be back!"

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