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Here's How it Works:
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1. MAKE PLANS with your friends to book a class!

2. CONTACT US: You may either use the "appointment" option on the home page or  contact us directly via text, voicemail or or email. If you use the  message feature on the bottom of the web page please subscribe  or leave your contact info as we will not be able to respond to you unless you do. Tell us what class or classes look interesting and when you might want to book it. We also do custom projects and can book anytime, anywhere even if there is a class showing on the schedule, as long as no one else has already booked it.

3. BOOK ONLINE: Once we have scheduled your class, we will send you a link for your group to book online. If you are booking for everyone, please let us know and we can increase the number of seats you can book at one time to make it more convenient for you. WAIT to book your seat until after they are all booked, unless you want to save your discount for another time.

4. GET YOUR CODE: After they have booked, we will contact you with your discount code then you may return to the web page and book your class.

5. ENTER YOUR CODE at checkout. 

TEXT us 24/7/365 with any questions @ 972-369-2085


YOU PLUS 2 - 25% OFF for you!
Code will be issued after 2 bookings completed.

YOU PLUS 3 - 35% OFF for you!
Code will be issued after 3 bookings completed.

YOU PLUS 5 - 50% OFF for you!
Code will be issued after 5 bookings completed.

YOU PLUS 8 - 100% OFF for you!
Code will be issued after 8 bookings completed.

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Review us on Google for an extra card punch! 

Discounts do not apply to "Paint at your Place",  Instructional Classes, Private Classes, or Studio Time.

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